I Wish More People Realized This

I just ran across an article entitled, “Teachers ‘Persist Where Others would Lose Hope.’” The article can be found here. The article is written by Isabel Song, a high school junior in Colorado Springs, Colorado and it was posted in “Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable,” a part of Education Week Teacher.  Isabel recognizes how hard teachers […]

David Brooks’ Commentary on Common Core

Those who have followed my blog over on TeachersinTransition.com know that I haven’t developed a firm opinion about Common Core. I have listened to the debate from a somewhat elevated perch, frankly, because I don’t have to teach them, and I don’t have a dog in the hunt, as some might say. Having said that, […]

About This New Blog

Hello! Welcome to my new blog, “Teachers in Distress.” I have been considering launching an independent blog for a while thinking that I needed another vehicle for reaching out to my “tribe” which is made up of teachers…teacher leaders, teachers in distress and teachers in transition. I have a whole brochure style website over at […]