Thousands of Children Poisoned by Lead in Their Water

I first heard about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan on December 2o, 2015 on the Rachel Maddow Show. Rachel started covering this story long before it got any national attention. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing back in December, but I knew that Rachel does her homework. She had clearly done so in this case […]

A Message to Teachers about Going Back to School Tomorrow

Christmas memories are quickly fading, and New Year’s resolutions may have already been dropped. Tomorrow, after a long holiday hiatus, it will be time to return to work. For my teacher friends who will be returning to school routines, I hope you are looking forward to Monday morning with joyful anticipation. You have missed your kids, […]

Developing Healthy Habits for 2016

  My mom used to say that if you had your health, you had everything you needed. She was a nurse, and she had seen people lose their health and subsequently lose jobs, families, and even their lives. She was a great proponent of preventative health care. She urged me to keep regular check ups […]