Sixth Step to Managing Your Stress [Part 6 of 7]

Develop a Prayer or Meditation Practice--or Both

This series of posts covers stress management strategies. In this post, I will offer the benefits of a practice of daily prayer or meditation– or both.

Fifth Step to Managing Your Stress [Part 5 of 7]

Don't Forget to BREATHE

It may seem odd—unnecessary even—to mention the importance of breathing in a series about stress. For most of us, breathing is one of those things we never think about. You may not even consider breathing in the grand of health and wellbeing. Most people are unconscious of their breathing. They take it for granted. Since […]

You Are Invited to a Special Online Event

You Are Invited to a Special Online Event We have all heard the song about the holidays being the “happiest time of the year,” right? But this holiday season has already been overshadowed with tragedies and terrorism from Paris to Beirut to San Bernadino. The airwaves are filled with rancor and vitriol and personal attacks […]